A Complicated Talent Show #1


As music was coming from the stage, Bex watched her best friend Misty rub her hands together nervously. This talent show could lead to bigger and better things as it caught the attention of talent agents all over the country and as a drag queen, it was Misty's dream to one day star in her own show, whether it be Broadway or have her own show in Las Vegas, and Bex will support her friend no matter the outcome. Before Misty headed on stage, Bex could tell her nerves were getting to her and she took Misty by the hands.

"It's going to be alright, I promise. You are going to rock that stage!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, and you are going to be the best damn drag queen you can be. I've watched you the past week since I moved into my apartment, and I have seen with my own two eyes you have every move down."

Misty gave her a smile and took a deep breath. She gave Bex a hug and headed onstage. She thought she saw Misty trip a little bit, but luckily she caught herself and no one else saw. That is until she heard a woman's voice behind her. "Your friend is going to lose you know?"

Bex turned to see a bleached blonde with hazel eyes who had to be about almost six feet tall. It was famous model Isabel Messina. She had only seen her in the tabloids recently as the fame seemed to be new, mostly because of a sex tape with a quarterback was released online.

"If my friend is going to lose, I suppose you can do something besides sit there and look pretty?"

Isabel stared down at her with fury, "I can in fact dance better!"

"I'm pretty sure the pole moves so it doesn't count," Bex snapped back.

Isabel was left speechless as Bex turned to finish watching her friend perform. Misty had killed it! As she exited off stage, she stopped to look at Isabel. "Hey, I see you made a new friend?" Isabel walked closer to her and stared her straight in the eyes, "I'm the one who is going to beat you tonight."

"Really? I don't think spreading your legs counts!"

"Excuse me!"

"Don't worry hun, I'm sure everyone will forget about your video in a month or two, just like they'll forget all about you as well."

Isabel was left speechless as her jaw just dropped. Misty put her arm around Bex's shoulders and winked at Isabel. Then led her away from the speechless woman. "You know, Misty," Bex laughed, "you are one great friend! Do you want me to buy us drinks while we wait for the rest of the performers to celebrate your soon to be second defeat of Isabel Messina?"

"Oh, we can, but I think I could have done worse."

They both laughed and headed straight for the bar attached to the casino. As they sat down, two strange older men who looked to be in their fifties approached them. The one with the slicked back gray hair made the introduction. "Hello ladies, I am Hans and this is Ryan. Would you mind if we bought you both a drink?" Though Bex wasn't fond of being hit on by men who are twice her age, she looked over at Misty to see what she would say first.

"If you would like, gentlemen," she said, "but I will warn you, one of us is not who we seem."

Hans narrowed his eyebrows and studied both of them. "And may I ask who and what do you mean?"

"Why don't you try to figure it out gentlemen. If you guess, then you can definitely take us out on the town for the night. If you can't figure it out, we don't need your drinks."

Both Hans and Ryan looked at each other then back at them. Ryan opened his mouth but stopped himself. He then whispered something into Hans's ear and then they both studied them again. "You know, if you give up, it won't be a total loss."

Hans points at Bex. "It's her, is she a virgin?" What are these guys thinking? Bex couldn't believe they couldn't catch on. Misty let out a laugh. She walked up to each one, and Bex was sure she was trying to get them to see past all the make-up. As she looked over at both men, she noticed them getting uncomfortable, unsure of what Misty was doing. As she stepped away, she asked, "Now boys, can you give me another answer or do you give up. Ryan gulped, "I'm not sure," he looked over at Hans, "What about you?" Hans shook his head. Misty sat back down in her stool and crossed her legs.

"Sorry gentlemen, but you lose. If you would like to know, my real name is Chad." Both men's eyes widened. "If you would also like to know, I just competed in the talent show going on and I am a drag queen. And as of now, bye-bye," she said as she gave a little wave. Both men looked stunned. Misty then motioned for them to leave and both men did not look happy. As they walked away, Ryan looked and turned back, "It's okay, our spouses would be upset anyways," and both of them left.

Misty and Bex turned to each other and laughed. "You know virgin, we need to get back soon so we can find out the results of the contest," Misty teased.

"Hey, at least you know you do your make-up and dressing right to fool them."

"Hun, I am too real of a woman for them," Misty said standing up. "Plus girl, I think they were too drunk to notice my adams apple." Both burst out in laughter, finishing what they had already bought.

They headed back to the stage area, as the last person was performing an interpretive dance. As they looked closer, they both knew who it was, Isabel. As she finished, she bowed and started to leave off the stage until her foot caught and she fell flat on her face. Bex and Misty held in their laughter as much as they could. Isabel picked herself up and made her way backstage. She walked right up to Misty, putting her hands on her hips and pursing her lips.

"Can I help you?" Misty asked.

"You better pray that when I fell, that it counts towards the score, because that is the only way you have a chance at winning."

"Oh hun, you better pray they didn't count it so you at least have a chance at getting runner up."

Bex could tell Isabel is fuming at this point with no words to say. Her face is beat red and her breathing is heavy as she clenches her fists. Misty has a huge smirk knowing she won this round as she put this spoiled brat in her place. Isabel moves closer to Misty, leaving very little room between them. "You know, this isn't over. I plan on staying in Sandsing for quite awhile so either you can get out of town or just stay out of my way."

"Really?" Misty raises her brow. "I have my own little place here all on my own. Were you planning on asking your daddy for money so you can stay somewhere? Or did that quarterback bribe you enough to stay away from him?"

Isabel puts her hands on her hips as Bex just observes this whole battle. "Just so you know, I am staying at my brother's whom, BY THE WAY... is a lawyer."

Misty turned her gaze to Bex with wide eyes then back to Isabel. "So you are threatening to sue me? For what? Outsmarting you?" As Isabel opens her mouth to answer, there is an announcement for everyone who is a competitor to return to the stage. "This isn't over," Isabel declares.

As they head toward the stage, Bex stays behind, crossing her fingers hoping her best friend gets it. The announcer is dressed in a suit and tie as if he was attending a fancy dinner. It seems being an announcer is what he does best as his teeth are pearly white and his voice almost sounds as if he were the voice over for a movie trailer. The man clears his throat and puts on a huge smile.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now that time where we finally announce who will win Sandsing's 67th talent show and be the grand prize winner of five hundred dollars." He takes out the first card ready to make his announcement. "Our second runner up is..." He hesitates just to build anticipation. "Carol Larson!"

Carol steps up to take her trophy and smiles. Bex didn't think she was bad as she sang a song that was in another language. She couldn't remember, but she was pretty sure it was Italian. She always wondered what it would be like to speak another language. Maybe she could learn from an app since she was the literal version of a starving artist.

The announcer begins again, "And for our runner up, second place goes to..." More anticipation, Bex hates anticipations when it comes down to contests. She was getting real nervous as she hoped Misty had won. She could use the money, in fact they both could. Then he says it, something she was dreading.

"Misty Market!" There it is. Misty got second. She now hoped and prayed that the winner was anyone but Isabel. But how was Misty doing emotionally? As a drag queen, she is very good at putting on an act. But Bex will be there for her, no matter what. As Misty bows and goes back to her spot, the announcer continues. "And for the grand prize of five hundred dollars, and the winner of the 67th Sandsing Talent Show, your winner is..." Bex clasped her hands together as she pursed her lips, ready to storm off at the sound of Isabel's name.

"Carrie Trotter with her singing The National Anthem!" Bex exhales in relief as she could tell Misty was doing the same. The wicked witch had lost thankfully! As the contestants made their way backstage, Bex gave Misty a hug and congratulated her. "I'm so sorry you didn't get first," she said. Misty looked at her with a big smile. "At least Isabel didn't place, PLUS, I got a gift card for a dinner for two at the Lobster Treasure if you want to be my date," she said with her fingers emphasizing "date". They both laughed as Bex nodded her head. "It never hurts to have a girls day," Bex said.

They were then interrupted by a man in a business suit who looked like he had to be worth thousands of dollars. "Excuse me, Misty Market?"


"Hello, I am Stanley Newton. I am a part of the board of directors in this casino and it is my job to book talent."

"Go on..."

"I was wondering if you would like to be a part of our drag show we do every other Friday night. We are currently looking for a couple of queens."

Bex could see Misty's eyes light up the moment she heard those words. That was one of her dreams. The only thing Misty could get out was a nod.

"Good, I just need to ask you to be here Monday so we can go over paperwork before you can start practicing."

The moment he left, Bex and Misty jumped up and down with glee. They couldn't believe it, dreams do have a possibility of coming true.

"Hey, let's get some wine and celebrate after I pay for a meal with this beauty," Misty said holding up the card. They both laughed and headed out of the casino, ready to finally celebrate a new beginning.