A Complicated Summer Love


When Bex, a struggling artist, meets Anton, a rich divorce lawyer, the two fall for each other. However, their relationship quickly becomes complicated. Will their love be enough to overcome the obstacles?

Bex Davis recently graduated from art school and moved from a small town to a bigger city. Her new home is Sandsing in Northern Indiana, near the Coast of Lake Michigan. She found herself living in an apartment complex next to her best friend, a drag queen named Misty. Despite the beautiful scenery, the Lake Michigan Coast brings in crowds of rich tourists from Chicago, who seek to escape the city for the more serene Lake life.

Though she wasn't looking for love, Bex happens to meet Anton Messina, a divorce lawyer with his own firm from Chicago. Anton was enjoying his summer home in Sandsing when the two happened to meet. Anton seems like he could possibly be Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now.

Problems arise when Misty tries to purchase property to open her own salon. Standing in Misty's way is Anton's sister. This leads to more problems than just Anton's fear of commitment.

Anton had just suffered heartbreak after his fiancée left him for another man a week before the couple was to wed. This, his parents' relationship and his own experiences as a divorce lawyer make him reluctant to enter a new relationship. Anton also faces pressure from his meddling sister, who always finds a way to involve herald in his relationships, especially if she dislikes Anton's love interest. Will Bex and Anton's relationship be able to survive the summer before Anton returns to Chicago?

Book 1 in a Complicated Love Series

A Complicated Summer Love is being released February 12, 2022

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