A Complicated Divorce


Lisa Snipe was a soon to be Divorcee who was trying everything she could to get as much as she could from her soon to be ex-husband. Anton despised her the moment she hired him with all the demands she had made including their home, their two dogs, their 3 sports cars, his yacht, the ownership for his restaurant chains, and all of his mother's jewelry. When she originally hired him, he took her case because her husband had been caught cheating with the neighbor and he had sympathy for her. But now every time he met with her, he would go home with a huge migraine. The best part about his up and coming summer vacation was that she won't be there and if there was an emergency meeting, it would be virtual and he could always act like he had a bad internet connection.

But that was days away and his meeting, which will hopefully be the final until he gets back, was now and he had no choice but to suck it up and deal with it for the time being. She entered in with a black pencil dress with a sun hat, diamonds on her neck, a white fur shawl, and sunglasses.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Messina. I hope you are doing well today?" He took a deep breath, wanting to get this over with. "Good day, Mrs. Snipe. I am well. I hope you are doing the same." As she sat down with her legs crossed, she lowered her glasses as she bit her lip trying to bring attention to her bright red lips as if she was trying to flirt. But Anton knew how toxic of a person she can be just by working with her the past almost two years and he knew how she attempted to get what she wanted.

"Is there something you want to bring to my attention today before we get started, Mrs. Snipe?" She leaned back as she placed both hands on each arm in the chair, keeping her legs crossed. "I need to file another suit against Caroline again. This time I caught John getting into her car and who knows where they went." He took a deep breath, hoping she would keep her cool. "There really isn't much more you can do. You already filed a civil suit for the stress she caused by ruining your marriage. The only thing you can really do is collect that as evidence against her to prove that he is still having an affair while you two are still married."

She crossed her arms as if it was going to help get her way. "Mr. Messina, everytime I see that horrid woman, especially when she is running off with John, it's like my heart is broken all over again. It reminds me every time, of the relationship I had that is now shattered. I need some compensation. Please!"

"I'm sorry but there isn't much more you can do except we can collect evidence everytime you see it happen."

"I also want a restraining order on Caroline."

"You would have to file that at the police station with reason."

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Finally agree with him and his attorney as well instead of stalling and changing things last minute to make it harder on him in conclusion causing the divorce process to be prolonged."

He said what he said. Her jaw dropped and he was sure he may end up losing his client.

"Listen here, Mr. Messina. I hired you because I heard you're good and you could hypothetically help me cut off my husband's balls. That you were the best. But everything they offer isn't enough. He ripped my heart out. I wasted 25 years with that man. The least you can do is help me destroy him."

He pursed his lips, choosing his next words carefully. "We came here to discuss our next move. Before I leave for Sandsing, we need to make sure we can either come to terms with John and his attorney or come up with a counter-offer." She tapped her fingers, making him wince at the sound. "What did the bastard bring to you this time?"

He took out the papers to start reading. "He said you could have the dogs as long as he sees them on the weekends. He will give you ten percent of the shares to his restaurant chain. You can put your pensions together and split fifty-fifty, and the house is fully in his name so he will pay you fifty percent of what it is worth. The yacht he said is not in your name and neither did you help to take care of it. So that he will not allow you to take. He will let you take the one car that has both of your names on it. But he cannot let go of his mother's jewelry as it is to be passed down to your oldest daughter."

"But Zoe doesn't deserve any of that jewelry. And my answer to all is no, no, no, no, no, and no."

He knew they weren't going to get anywhere with her mind set. "What is it you would like then?"

"I want his balls cut off."

"That is illegal."

"Then I want you to legally cut his balls off."

He folded his hands as he leaned on the desk from his seat. "Listen, Mrs. Snipe. We need to come with a counter-offer to send back and we need to make sure it is something he might agree on cause once the weekend is here, I will be gone all summer and every meeting will have to be virtual and it can prolong the process if he doesn't agree. And I will not be coming back to Chicago until September. Now, start making realistic requests."

She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh. "I don't understand why you choose to vacation in Indiana. Lake Michigan is here as well, why change the scenery when we already have it here?"

A half smile appeared, "I enjoy the personal beach space. Plus it is more relaxing and I feel as if something amazing could come from spending time there."

"Maybe you'll meet a woman who will help you forget all about that bitch that broke your heart. What was her name? Sahara?

"Sophia," he corrected her with annoyance.

"Yeah, Sophia. I never liked her. What she did to you, you should sue."

"So we are here to talk about your divorce, not my break-up. So let's see if we can make a counter to his demands."

"Fine. But I'm telling you, if you meet a girl there, don't let Sophia ruin it for you. Give the girl a chance. It shouldn't be too hard to attract a woman with your physique"

"Ok, so can we PLEASE get on with what you want?" He was getting really annoyed at this point. Why would he take relationship advice from someone who was in the middle of a divorce? She was crazy.

"So I will take the one car that has both of our names on it, so we can settle that. I want his mother's diamond necklace that she wore on her wedding day. The dogs I want to completely be mine. Without any visitation from him whatsoever. I want that house, and if he isn't going to let me have it, I want full payment of what it is worth. If he won't let me have the yacht, I want the full amount of what that is worth, and I want sixty percent of the shares to his restaurant chain. He owes me that much for sleeping with that whore."

He knew that Mr. Snipe would refuse all these demands except at least they had an agreement on one thing. She is just asking for too much.

"Alright, Mrs. Snipe, I am sending over the request now. I will notify you and set up an appointment once we hear back."

"Thank you, Anton," she tapped his cheek with her palm lightly, "I hope you enjoy your vacation and find a woman out there who is worthy."

She stood up and walked out the door, leaving Anton in relief. He was counting down the time until he was able to leave for Sandsing.