A Complicated Break-Up #2


Anton was going through papers of his latest case as his assistant walked through the door. "Excuse me, Mr. Messina. Sophia is here to see you. Would you like me to let her in?" Anton rolled his eyes as he took a deep breath. Five months before, Sophia had just broken off their engagement of five years. He thought he was in love with her until the week before their wedding, she broke it off to be with someone else. And with being a partner at a law firm that handles divorces, he knew he should just give up in the love department.

As he laid back in his chair, he crossed his arms. "Fine, but let her know I am on a tight schedule." It was half true as he was trying to finish up files and make sure he got his last meetings out before he headed to his home in Sandsing for the summer. Chicago is a great place, but sometimes having a quiet place next to the beach is just what he needed. But first he needed to get things done before he went virtual for the summer. And the Snipe case was a mess.

He kept his arms crossed as she entered, the tall blonde stepped into the room wearing her stiletto heels and bright yellow sunflower dress. "Hey Anton, I needed to see you as soon as possible."

"Let me guess, after you left me, you married the guy, got tired of him, and now you want a divorce?"

"I deserve that."

"That and you came to my place of work and that is my job."

Sophia took a deep breath. "Listen, I know you want the ring back and I am willing to give it back, but I need your help."

He tilted his head as he raised a brow, "And why would I help you after you broke my heart a week before what was supposed to be our wedding?"

Sophia stood there, not a word coming from her. She took a deep breath and sat herself down on a seat in front of his desk. She clasped her hands as if she had something serious to ask.

"What is it, Sophia?" he asked with a stern voice.

She took a deep breath. "Anton, Jason is in jail."

A smirk came across his face. "And why would I help you with your problem? First of all I'm not a bail bondsman, I'm a divorce lawyer. And secondly, why would I want to help bail out the man who took the woman I was deeply in love with?"

She crossed her legs and stared him straight in the eyes. "You owe me Anton."

"For what?"

"For showing you it was possible to love."

"In that case we're even as you ripped my heart right out of my chest."

"But I-" Sophia was interrupted by Anton's cell. He looked down and noticed it was his sister, Isabel. As she opened her mouth again, he waved at her to hush so he could hear thinking it may be important as she was away from home in Sandsing. If she was in trouble, it would be an hour and a half drive or an hour boat ride which included the fifteen minute car ride. As he answered, he could tell Sophia was getting annoyed.

"Hey, sis, what's up?"

"I lost the talent show, Antonio. I didn't even get second!"

Though he was annoyed she was bugging him during work hours, he knew he had to support his sister. "I'm sorry, Izzy. What would you like me to do?"

"I want you to find Misty Market, also known as Chad Bruno, and I want you to file a lawsuit against her. She ruined my night last night!" He knew he was going to have to try reason with her to realize he deals with divorce and not civil suits that more likely she has no case. "So tell me, what did Misty do?"

"She humiliated me in front of everyone!"

"How did she do that?"

"She got second place and I didn't!"

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He knew she was naive and spoiled, but he wondered if she could get worse. "Listen, Izzy, I'm sorry but there is no case. Unless you married that quarterback you made that sex tape with and want to split up, there is nothing I can really do to help you in the legal department. But I am very sorry you didn't win and I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it there yesterday, but this weekend, I will be there. I know we have Glenda, but please don't trash the place as I want her to not work too hard before her retirement."

"No worries, I've been spending most of the time at Max's house."

"Is that the quarterback you were seeing?"

She laughed, "No, his girlfriend didn't take too kindly of me sleeping with her man and he says he is going to marry her one day."

He wondered what was wrong with his sister. Where were the morals her mother had taught them, or at least him? If either of them were to one day marry and then get a divorce because it was their own fault, it would be her. "Isabel, what happened to you? Did you know he had a girlfriend when he slept with you?" She laughed again, "Of course! I just didn't care because he was so hot!" Yep, she really lost her mind. "Listen, I will make sure Glenda doesn't work too hard and I will tell you that some of the people I've met here so far, none of the women are dating types so when you take your little summer vacation, forget about finding a woman here."

"Listen, Isabel, don't worry. I don't plan on finding a woman at all. All they do is cause trouble." Hearing that, Sophia raised her brow at him. He looked at her and smiled. "A lot of women only want one thing from me and that's money."

"She's there, isn't she?"

"Yep, begging for money."

"Well, Anton, good luck! I can't wait to see you soon!"

As they hung up, he looked her straight in the eyes, "All you ever wanted was my money. It's not happening, whether your boyfriend is in trouble, whether you like it or not. Now, please leave my office." She sat there with her legs still crossed and she folded her arms together. "You know, not every woman is going to want you for your money. Don't let your large ego get in the way. You let it get in the way with us, and that is why I fell for someone else."

"Your lack of communication is what split us apart, so don't blame me for not telling me what is going on when we could have talked it out instead of you sleeping with someone else!" he shouted. She sat there quiet as he wondered if anyone outside those doors could hear him. Sophia stood up, placed her hands on his desk as she stared straight into his eyes. "You know, Mr. Messina, I hope you wake up and realize when you have a good woman in front of you that you care about and even fall in love with, that you need to treat her right and not always assume she wants you just for your money. That you realize past your arrogance, is a charming man who knows how to treat her right and does more than shove wealth in her face."

"You are aware you only came here to ask me for money, right?"

"I changed my mind. I now see I only need to pray for you that when she comes along, you don't screw it up. Good bye, Mr. Messina. May you be blessed with love."

Anton couldn't believe what he just heard her say. He watched her walk out the door as if he was finally watching her walk out of his life. He sat there thinking, wondering if she was just trying to manipulate him into thinking her cheating and calling off the wedding was his fault. He couldn't let her do that, not when she should have communicated with him in the first place.

He heard a knock on the door and looked up to see Traci. "Sir, I hope all is well. Would you like me to get you a coffee or anything?" He shook his head, "No thank you, Traci. Did you hear any of the conversation that I had with Sophia?" She nodded, "Yes, Mr. Messina. Do you want my opinion?"

"Yes, please."

"I think she is trying to take some of the guilt off of her and onto you. But in all honesty, you were not the one that decided to cheat and she could have talked with you, but..."

"But what?"

She hesitated, "But... you need to realize love is more than money. Throwing cash and gifts at a girl are not going to keep her from one day leaving you. You need to also realize not all relationships end with a breakup or divorce. Some are a lifetime. And that lifetime is what you want. I know it as I have known you long enough. Just don't give up on love because of a few bad eggs."

He smiled at her and nodded his head. "Traci, I hope you are right. You have always been good about looking out for what's best for me."

"And my advice, you see a girl you feel a connection to, go for it."

"Thank you Traci! Any idea what's on my agenda next?"

"Yes, Mrs. Lisa Snipe is here to see you. Her appointment is in ten minutes but she's here."

He rubbed his temples with his fingers knowing that this woman has been nothing but a headache since the moment she hired him. "Thank you Traci, I guess I'll see her now."