Cora Kathleen aka CorasAtHerCorner is an Author and also a scambaiter on YouTube along with being a stay-at-home-mama. 

As war is continuing on between the fae kingdoms, will Deirdre and Cillian's relationship flourish, or will they realize they moved to fast?

Dani Walsh has a talent for fashion design that attracts the eyes of celebrities, thanks to her sister's celebrity status. Her childhood friend, Noah Parker, a computer engineer, has been collaborating with Dani's long-lost brother Anton on a groundbreaking app. As a thank you, Anton acquires a beach house in Sandsing, IN for them and some other...

With her new movie about to be released, Isabel is a rising star in Hollywood. She's beautiful, talented, and has the world at her feet. But there's one downside to her newfound fame: she's being stalked. Her management team and her brother Anton are worried for her safety and hire a security agency to protect her.

After two years of being together, Bex and Anton are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Bex's best friend, a drag queen named Misty, yearns for what they have.
After they all take a trip to Las Vegas with a few friends, things get crazy and lead to a night that no one can remember. Misty...